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Policy, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the buzzword of the hour.
Policy is everywhere: in tax cuts, healthcare reforms, nuclear energy strategies, immigration. And then with regard to money: Where does the money come from? – Where does the money go? Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, policy is hip, policy is sustainable, policy is cutting edge, even modern, and yes, policy is sexy.
Policy is little more than ridiculous, in fact: ordinary table talk at the federal level, stirring up the lukewarm broth of constituencies, who increasingly seem to savor the dehydrated incrustations. HELL YEAH.
Schröder, Fischer, Koch (who now earns eight times as much working for Bildfinger Berger as he did as federal president) don’t let envy raise its ugly head! This corresponds with the one-Euro job system: Think twice about whether you would be diligent and loyal for one Euro, and, if so, we’ll gladly hire you – maybe – for the eight - Euro minimum wage (or such as it is).
When a bag of rice falls over in China, our income tax automatically goes up!
Ah, now I have finally come to the point: Some issues, problems, ideas could simply be removed from their context and examined on their own:
If I take, for instance, a armchair out of a hotel lobby, then the chair suddenly doesn’t have a lobby anymore; I can examine it at my leisure as an isolated object; I can twist and turn it as I wish; I can even disassemble it to get at its core and then hand it like a picture on the wall, all of which I never would have dared do to it in the lobby.
I can move things with fixed locations - such as water well covers or construction site wiring - to new locations; I can just switch bottom and top and already the ceiling would not come crashing down around me but the floor! HELL YEAH.
Vincent cares for his impressions and ideas as he does his house plants, which themselves are often turned into pedestals and sculptures. In his works a tension develops that functions as a kind of breathing space between the second and third dimension, unnoticed between the morphogenetic and already existing (and initially this has nothing to do with Readymades!). The sign from the snack bar is quoted and thereby relocated. The search for artistic clarity and pioneering simplicity is not necessarily in the fourth or fifth dimension, but perhaps in the 2.73? Ovid claimed, "Art consists of its not being noticed." HELL YEAH.
A bronze potato: art or metamorphosis? Sometimes less is too much.
As an artist myself I say: It is not that simple, the thing with simplicity.
As a political person I say: Take another look at the world independent of all the wrangling over conflicting global interests. Throw the merchants out of the temple, i.e. the lobbyists out of government, and then you will be able recognize things for what they are, and be able to examine them from all angles, just as Vincent does, coolly and calmly.
Vincent for president, HELL YEAH!
Heribert Heindl  (Translation: Marie Frohling)


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